Children's Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation

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A Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity Organization


To provide ongoing, passionate, patient-centered care for pediatric leukemia and lymphoma patients.


To express solidarity in transforming the lives of pediatric patients by giving them a chance to live without significant financial burden of cancer treatment.


In the memory of a young man who was diagnosed with leukemia. By living in the moment, with love, courage, and compassion, he made an everlasting difference in the world.

Who We Help

One family, one child at a time
Live for the moment has had the honor & the priviledge to provide financial assistance for families through hospitals globally. Read this story to learn how your contributions will and/or have done in the face of cancer.

The Bastida Family
New Jersey
Grant Awarded 2015

Diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma at the age of 3, the son has been through multiple surgeries and blood transfusions. It started when the Bastidas found a lump on the side of their child's face. This type of cancer is highly treatable and curable with an anticipated cure rate of 80 percent or better in patients who receive appropriate therapy.

"You can get through this, it will all be ok if you just take your medicine" - (Older Brother)

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The Lawrence Family
New Jersey
Grant Awarded 2016

Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at a young age in 2014, the daughter has been through multiple emergency room procedures and chemo medications. Her family has overwhelming number of medical bills that are not deductible by insurance. Pharmaceutical distributors are unable to send the medications without out of pocket payments. No one can predict how many ER, outpatient, overnight and clinic visits there are going to be when your child has cancer. Thankfully, their daughter has been recovering well and had her first dance recital.

"This is our reality, we need all the help we can get. It's organizations like this that makes life for a family touched by cancer a little more bearable and we thank you so very much for your generosity." - The Lawrence Family


LFTM Foundation is Supporting "An Opportunity" to host
"An Opportunity to Dance"
A 3 Hour Virtual Dance Marathon Event

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Some of the biggest issues among society are poverty, violence, and a lack of basic human needs. An Opportunity believes that a common cause for these issues derives from the lack of fair opportunities provided for the global youth exposed to such conditions to take their individual selves, families, or communities to greater heights.

According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics, 6 out of 10 children and adolescents are not learning globally, of which 91.8% of these adolescents are from middle to low income countries, predominantly from Sub-Saharan Africa and South and West Asia.
UNICEF attested that nearly half of all deaths in children under the age of 5 can be attributed to undernutrition, resulting in the unnecessary loss of about 3 million young lives a year.
UNICEF has also noted that nearly 13 million orphans, who have lost both parents, are now living in orphanages or on the streets.

Our Mission:
To create opportunities for underprivileged children worldwide through a foundation of education, social support and access to basic human needs.



Reach out to more than 100 families throughout the world!

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Currently Raised: $4,902.00

If interested in becoming a Company or Individual Sponsor, please Donate and contact:
Phone: Suhas Kumar (732) 609-6805 | Sneha Kumar Barry (732) 742-9743 | Swathi Prasad (609) 224-3643

Meet Our Board Members

Swathi Prasad

Founder & Director

"During my Masters Program, I participated in the Global Medical Brigade, an organization that improves health sustainability in underserved communities. As part of the brigade, I traveled alongside physicians and volunteers to facilitate medical care and to increase prevention through health education in Honduras. This experience empowered me to provide a financial resource for patients to further improve their quality of life. In addition, it showed me the hope and potential of all children suffering from cancer and as a result, in 2015, I founded ‘Live for the Moment - Children’s Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation'." - Swathi

"Every parent battles through every adversity to provide their child a childhood better than the ones they had. However, when all of a sudden, life throws a curveball and the parent is barely treading water to provide their child a chance to even have a childhood, organizations such as LftM become necessary to alleviate the helplessness caused by the vast financial burden of Cancer that no family would be prepared to handle. When so many members of society are fortunate to not be put in such painful situations, our motivation should be to gather those that can and are willing to help so that we may help provide the childhood every child deserves." - Suhas

Suhas Kumar

Board & Founding Member

Amulya Kattimani

Board & Founding Member

"When Swathi first told me about this initiative, I was instantly touched by its pure vision and sincere desire to touch people's lives. The idea of impacting "One child, one family, at a time" felt totally feasible, yet highly satisfying. LFTM's key fundraising event of the Annual Benefit Gala, which brings together live music, dance and storytelling, by local talent, is an occassion for so many families within our community to get together and unite for a common cause. The nature of families and friends coming together to put up the annual event, to inturn help families and kids in need, is a central theme that deeply connects me to this organization. I am inspired by dreams becoming a reality, and this is one such that I am blessed to be part of since its inception." - Amulya

"During my time at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, I spent 10 months working with children with cancer. It was the most eye-opening and heart-wrenching experience. I would watch parents bring their kids to the hospital for chemotherapy or labs, sometimes on a daily basis; when hospitalized, parents would come visit each day, just to hold their babies for a little while. Live for the Moment allows us to show such families that they are not alone, help is out there, and we will fight this battle together." - Sneha

Sneha Kumar

Board & Founding Member

Meet Our Founding Members

Catherine Chan

Hardik Patel

Adi Pothuri

Hirsha Venkataraman

Niki Mathur

Jaskirat Khangoora

Web Developer